Our Products

Our products from management software to ERP's, to elevate your business. Find the perfect fit for your digital needs.

GST Friend

Our GST Friend software is capable of managing taxation reports, invoicing & accounting as per the new tax regime.

Property ERP

Our Property ERP streamlines real estate tasks like bookings, inventory, payments, and more.

Trading ERP

Our Trading ERP is a web-based solution for your full trading business.

School ERP

Our School ERP System automates school tasks like fee and staff management, making all management easier.

Taxi and Tour

Our Taxi and Tour Management ERP software simplifies taxi services, It includes inventory, customer, and account management and more making it efficient.


Our Manufacturing ERP is designed for businesses, big and small, flexible solutions for all manufacturing.

E- Commerce

We're a top E-Commerce Development Company. We create great online stores for all sizes, known platforms like Magento and WooCommerce.

Library Management

We offer easy-to-use Library Management Software. It helps librarians track all records


Our easy-to-use Accounting software is perfect for businesses, for all financial tasks, and is cost-effective.

Exam Management

PHP poet's exam software, designed for schools, is easy for administrators to use, in every way.

Industry ERP

PHP Poets' ERP adapts to new printing tech and business changes.