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GST Friend Software

India witnessed the biggest tax reform since independence i.e. the roll out of a unified tax scheme called Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST although seems to be very simple has enough complexities under the hood. Some of such companies decided to get GST Friend software to address the situation. Our GST Friend software capable of managing taxation reports (GST Return), invoicing & accounting (Sales and Purchase) as per the new tax regime.

Taxi and Tour Management

Taxi and Tour Management is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that makes all Taxi management services hassle-free and economical. We proudly present the ultimate ERP system for your Taxi management service. Inventory management, Customer master and Service master, Account management, Customer receipt and Driver payment, etc., whatever the need is, Tax and Tour Management ERP will be with you to make your tedious tasks quick and simple! Save money and time by managing your vehicles through our ERP.

Library Management Software

Library Management System is software used to manages the catalog of a library. This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library.PHP Poets provides Library Management Software which is very easy to use and fulfils all the requirement of a librarian. There are many features which helps librarian to keep records and Tracking of available books as well as issued books. Separate logins will be provided for students and teachers.

Examination Management Software

Our Examination software is simple and ready to use for Administrators as per- RBSE, CBSE Pattern. Examination Management module for Schools colleges is an important task for the evaluation of student abilities and performance. Our school ERP includes all the process like examination setup, examination marks entry, you can maintain all the details of internal/external exams, theory/practical test, teacher wise internal assessment, automatic result preparation and print marks sheets.

Manufacturing ERP

Our intuitive Manufacturing ERP suites are designed smartly to support a gamut of industry-wide manufacturing processes of Business Houses and large corporates. ERP solution for manufacturing industry based on their products to simplify the process system faced by manufacturing industry. Yes, we take great pride in offering our suite of highly scalable, flexible and faster manufacturing solutions for all types of manufacturing industry.

Accounting Software

Our Accounting software is very simple and easy to use complete accounting software designed specifically for business Houses and corporates. It enables you to streamline your financial operations and increase productivity. You can get access to all essential accounting management, inventory, sales and purchase features. Our Accounting software is economical and one of the most popular Accounting software. It’s a complete solution for systematic measurement, verification, interpretation, summation and classification of financial data.

Printing Industry ERP

As new printing technologies are introduced and your business changes, you can be confident that PHP Poets offers the power to adapt. No matter if you are printing labels, RFID tag, business cards, books, displays, brochures, packaging and forms, we have a perfect solution which will work with your processes and methodologies. Our ERP integrates estimating the orders with actual production costs giving you all the information you need to instantly review the profitability of every job. Compare your actual paper and substrates, inks and Labour costs to estimate actual cost of the job.


Our Trading ERP system is a leading web-based enterprise solution for all your trading business. This ERP package consists of integrated business application with better decision-making tools. PHP Poets Trading ERP system provides an end-to-end business solution that organizes and controls every aspect of the business from order management, operations, supply-chain, to documentation, accounting, and business intelligence reporting. Our system enables your back-office to work more effectively, helps improve customer service, empowers your sales team to monitor trends, and manage true order profitability.

E- Commerce development (Magento and Woo commerce)

E-Commerce web development and designing services have become a necessity in order to drive a huge mass of traffic on your online store. We are leading E-Commerce Development Company offers efficacious and memorable E-Commerce web design, theme development, shopping-cart, plug-in & module development solutions for small, mid and large-scale enterprises. Having in-depth knowledge of this fast-growing industry, we provide E-Commerce store development services on various platforms including Magento and Woo Commerce platforms. Our highly qualified and skilled professionals remain abreast with the latest technology trends to offer up-to-date E-Commerce development services.

Complete School ERP

Our School ERP Systems is the completely automated system for school to give an ultimate solution. Through this ERP School Can reduce the workload, like fee management, Staff management, Stock Management, Online payment of Fees, Report Card systems, automated systems of SMS and alert for Leave and dues fees related and several other features. School ERP systems reduce the pressure of management and work smoothly. Our complete school ERP has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of various educational institutes and quality management personals of distinction, which help you to run your Institute related functions in more efficient, productive and comfortable manner.

Property ERP

Our Property ERP is an end-to-end solution accelerator for Real Estate developers and brokers which will help to simplify the processes of real estate developers including bookings, checking the real-time property inventory, calculating brokerage amount, tracking payment milestones, making interest calculations, processing the property allotment & transfers, invoicing customers and aiding in collections. while the Property ERP allows for sharing the information and knowledge thanks to a multitude of functionalities.