Mobile Application Development

We at PHP Poets tend to stay on top of our game when it comes to mobile application development. Having a mobile application makes it so much easier to connect and communicate with your audience with little to no disruptions in between. We have got you covered with our best Android and iOS app development services!

Why Choose PHP Poets

Creative Designs

We create designs that make an impact on your brand. Customers expect you to connect and communicate with them, and so we are here to help you take that digital leap by designing and developing the most powerful platforms.

Quality & Agility

Quality matters to us! In this hyper-competitive world, agility is the key to dive deeper into creating human-centric solutions. Using several approaches to discover and resolve a bug drives us towards achieving the quality that we want.


Bug-fixing at PHP Poets is usually done with precise criteria. All the modules are individually tested to find those little loopholes hiding behind the surface. Testing defines in-house quality assurance for further development endeavours.

Online Reputation

Let’s just say that moving your brand to the first row is our end goal! We understand your mobility needs and are willing to work our best for it by increasing your online reputation. Our guys come up with top-notch services to meet your brand’s objective.

Support & Maintenance

With an appealing experience in the field of software development, our team members care for your business and understand your expectations. The support & maintenance phase makes the app or software work smoothly without any bugs, and we tend to take this phase quite seriously.

Handy Operations

The more an application is user-friendly, the more it is valued to operate. And we are sure to fit this element to curate your app which will help the users to operate sleekly without any hitches and provide a notable trail to them

Innovation at its best!

Well, not to brag, but we are the best in town when it comes to innovation, vision, and implementation, we say we are one of a kind. After establishing the company, we emerged to become the pioneers in the world of mobile application development. Our team has now continually experienced the load of recognised projects, which were undoubtedly complex, but were done immensely well with the help of an experienced team present in our development hub in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

PHP Poets creates apps that are custom built to cater to your needs to the fullest. With the help of these miracle apps, you can enhance your brand awareness, polish business processes, and do wonders when maintaining the brand image in the digital market. We take care of the UI elements required to be placed within proximity of your thumb.

Technologies Used



React Native




Our Recently Mobile App

Everything you need to know about Mobile App Development!

We develop:

Android Applications

IOS Applications

React Native Applications

Hybrid Applications

We follow the following steps to develop a mobile application:






Go live


The approximate time frame to develop any mobile app completely depends on the type and complexity of the application you want for your business. You can consult our experts to know the exact time frame to develop your mobile application.

At PHP Poets, we know our job is not finished upon the successful delivery of your app. Once the app is published on the market, you can monetize the app, carry out continuous improvements, manage support requests or even study the competition for what your product is lacking. Our team can help you with these objectives.